Drama in Sweden during ABBA tribute concert: one person falls seven floors, two dead

the essential Two people were killed Tuesday evening during a concert in Uppsala in Sweden. A person fell from the seventh floor. The circumstances remain unclear.

Two people were killed and one injured Tuesday night at a concert hall in Uppsala when one fell seven stories into the open space of the building, striking two spectators, police said. A thousand spectators gathered at Uppsala Konsert & Kongress, a contemporary building where a concert was to take place in homage to the iconic Swedish pop group ABBA.

“We received a call regarding a person who either jumped or fell from a great height inside the concert hall in central Uppsala,” police spokesman Magnus said. Jansson Klarin. The foyer of the concert hall has an open space where this person, aged about 80, crashed into two others. The one who fell and one of the two who were hit, a sixty-year-old, died, the third, a woman also in her sixties, was injured. The latter’s life is not in danger.

Två personer har dött efter in händelse vid Uppsala konsert och kongress. Enligt polisen har en person fallit från en hög höjd och träffat en annan person. https://t.co/XUuzbmSDJJ

— Expressen (@Expressen) November 2, 2021

The drama took place before 19 h as the spectators arrived. The concert, which was supposed to start at 00 h 19, has been canceled. In a statement released late Tuesday, police said they “currently have no reason to believe that a crime has been committed in connection with the man’s fall.”

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