Drama at Astroworld Festival: on TikTok, fans are outraged and target Travis Scott

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(ETX Daily Up) – But what happened at the Astroworld Festival? Rapper Travis Scott’s concert in Houston, Texas turned into hell on Friday, November 5th. Fans have since spoken to TikTok. Accusations, distress, anger … the videos flooded the social network. Actions have even been taken to harm Travis Scott. Here is the recap.

This is the hot topic on TikTok. Travis Scott and the drama at the Astroworld Festival in Houston, Texas. Eight people died in the compact crowd at the rapper’s concert. Dozens more were injured. If the rapper, and companion of Kylie Jenner, posted a video to share his distress in a story on his Instagram account, his testimony is far from having convinced his fans. The performers of “Sicko Mode”, Travis Scott and Drake, are prosecuted and accused of having been responsible for this murderous mob movement.

What happened before the concert

On the social network, the videos of the dramatic concert flooded the thread “For you”. Users in attendance shared the implausible footage of the event, highlighting the rapper’s responsibility. The latter has, in the past, often encouraged his fans to defy security measures.

Whether they are videos before the start of the concert or during, the videos show an out of control crowd, understaffing, and fans’ disdain for security measures. One of the most picked up moments on social media, and especially on TikTok, shows how fans came home, scaling and then knocking down the barricades, to get to the concert, in a dangerous mob.

The chaos during the concert

Very quickly, things got out of hand, if we can trust the videos of many fans posted on TikTok. With a totally compressed crowd, getting out the distressed festival-goers proved to be very difficult for the security personnel, as these videos show.

Unbearable screams, calls for help … On TikTok, the videos showing the chaos that reigned during the performance of Travis Scott and a few feet away from him fueled the anger of the fans who point the finger at the responsibility of the rapper.

However, some of them did not hesitate to jump and dance on the ambulances which were trying to make their way through the crowd to come to the aid of those in distress. One of the caregivers notably testified on TikTok, designating “an extremely irresponsible crowd” as one of the responsible for this tragedy.

“Stop the show”

While Kylie Jenner, pregnant with Travis Scott, present at the concert in the VIP area with their daughter Stormi and her sister Kendall Jenner, said in her story that neither she nor Travis Scott were aware of the tragic events, the fans, them, claim the opposite with the help of their videos. “Stop the show”, here is what chanted many festival-goers, drowned in a dense crowd. If on the video, their calls for help are quite distinct, some qualify all the same by indicating that it was impossible to hear their cries with the music.

It is precisely on this point that the critics are the most severe on TikTok. Seanna Faith has become one of the most emblematic figures of this tragedy. This young woman did not hesitate to alert the cameraman to the horrific situation unfolding in the crowd. In vain. On several videos, it is possible to hear him say: “people are dead”, “stop the concert”. On her Instagram account, the young woman explains the horror she experienced. She specifies all the same, that the man visible on the video, finally warned the emergency services which arrived shortly after. Despite everything, the young woman indicates that she was threatened with being thrown from the top of the platform if she did not come down on her own, by a security guard.

Travis Scott’s fault?

Could Travis Scott have avoided this drama? This is what many Internet users say on TikTok, present at the concert. If videos of the rapper show him briefly stopping the concert after seeing a person passed out, the latter continued to sing afterwards. A reaction strongly criticized on social networks, but which is not surprising for a good number of fans.

The past of the interpreter of “Highest in the room” was notably recalled with his arrest for incitement to violence during the Lollapalooza festival in 2015 following which the latter was sentenced to a one-year suspended prison sentence after having pleaded guilty.

“Even metal bands stop playing when people get hurt. There is NO EXCUSE,” commented a user on TikTok. Comments supported by other videos showing other artists, stopping their concert for the safety of their fans. Corey Taylor from “Slipknot”, Adèle, and Asap Rocky have notably been cited through videos. In a video showing Niall Horan, a member of the hugely popular former band One Direction, the singer explains, “There’s a good chance this gig will be canceled at some point. Your safety is my responsibility. “

Faced with this attitude, some Internet users are calling for action on Spotify by going to Travis Scott’s page to click on the menu and select: “Do not play this title”, thus avoiding listening to the artist’s songs.

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