Double rap ration at the Ramonville Bikini

the essential Le Bikini welcomes this Wednesday evening the Belgian duo Caballero & JeanJass and LauCarré, pushed by Bigflo & Oli.

Caballero & JeanJass are finally back on the stages of French cinemas to present their double album “OSO / Hat Trick”. Like the fights of the legendary video game “Street Fighter”, the tour will feature a clash of the two rappers with their new solo tracks “as an attack (or defense)”.

Obviously, the classics of the Belgian duo will not be left out, just like the hits of the mixtape “High & fines herbes” released in April 2020 which will be performed live for the first time…

In the first part, rap lovers will be able to discover LauCarré. The name reads: L Au Carré. L for Loïc, his first name, and for Lasne his last name which he puts in Au Carré. A little protégé of Bigflo & Oli, LauCarré is a great rapper in the making. “With a mix of flow, beats and loops all his own, the young Parisian presents above all a rap with an eye for detail, a formidable ability to tell stories of today, between smirk, air melancholy , burning memories, freestyle and (ego) trip uppercut… “With his first EP released last year,” Les Dés sont jetés “, LauCarré shows before all he is ready, impatient and hungry. Passionate and convinced.

The next rap meeting at the Bikini will be with I Am, Wednesday 17 November… for the most far-sighted and patient spectators, this concert, which has been postponed several times, has been sold out for a long time.

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