Doors open to tradition in Tarbes

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After a whole summer on the banks of the Adour, the Tarbaise School of Music and Tradition (ETMT) opened its doors to the public on Saturday 11 September from 13 h to 18 h to make the public discover the beauty of his music.

Obviously, the sanitary measures were present with a part for registrations without a health pass at the entrance. And for those who had it, it was the opportunity to meet the different teachers who are Christian Burgés for the three-hole flute, the string tambourine, the mandolin, the bouzouki and the ensemble, the bagpipe and the flute. ferry with Georges Raffin, accordion with Françoise Carrie, Michel Ramon, Jean-Marc Lezin or Dominique Chapirea).

Take the time to discuss

It was also an opportunity to take the time to discuss with the speakers, to discover the different instruments but also to see the novelties of this year at the Tarbaise School of Music and Tradition, namely the flute lessons and the return of the Portuguese accordion.

The day ended with a musical touch.

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