Divine Sabine Devieilhe, from Bach to Handel

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Decidedly relevant, the programming of the Great Interpreters will feature, this Monday evening, Sabine Devieilhe and the Ensemble Pygmalion, directed by her husband Raphaël Pichon. Relevant because this baroque excellence never ceases to dazzle us, from one project to another. And also because it will be, for the spectators of the Halle aux grains, a beautiful preview, the mirror album of the concert not being released until November 5 at Erato.

The pure and divine voice of Sabine Devieilhe will marry the delicacy of the cantatas of Bach and Handel. “We wanted this program to return sorrow, repentance and joy, longing for the sacred and profane pages of these two composers,” explains the singer. From Cleopatra to the figure of the Fisherman in the cantata BWV 199, tears flow and the soul seeks rest. “

And Sabine Devieilhe to specify:” It is undoubtedly the most personal record which I have recorded until now. Bach has been part of my life as a musician from the very beginning. I heard her at mass on Sundays. When I took cello lessons, I learned her Suites… “

For the soprano-coloratura, this music “of extraordinary dramaturgy … brings light to darkness”. What the new album reflects of course and that we will feel with the same emotional power on stage…

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