Disappearance of Chinese tennis player: “Everything is fine” … why email attributed to Peng Shuai raises concerns

the essential She had accused the former Chinese vice premier of sexual assault: tennis player Peng Shuai has not given any news since November 2 . This Wednesday, Chinese television broadcast an email that the sportswoman would have sent to the WTA, indicating that she was doing well.

She has not given any news since November 2: the disappearance of Peng Shuai, the Chinese tennis player who had accused of sexual assault the former Chinese vice-premier, had worried all over the world. After days of silence, the young Chinese woman reportedly gave news, according to the Chinese state channel CGTN. Chinese television published this Wednesday 17 November evening an email that the sportswoman would have communicated to the management of the WTA, the association of tennis players which organizes world competitions.

“Hello everyone, it’s Peng Shuai, the former 14 e world player would have written. Regarding the recent press release of the WTA, it was released without my consent and without my being able to verify or confirm the content. I am neither missing nor in danger. I was just resting at home, everything is fine. “

Many reservations

The reservations surrounding this message are numerous and for good reason: the authenticity of this message remains to be confirmed. In his email; the tennis player also returns to the accusations of sexual assault which she claimed a few days ago to have been the victim. Peng Shuai had denounced the behavior of the former vice-prime minister, Zhang Gaoli: he would have forced her to have sex in 2018.

In this press release, the tennis player would have changed his tune: “The information, in particular concerning the accusation of sexual assault, is false, the player would affirm. Thanks again for hearing from me. “

” If the WTA continues to post information about me, please let me know and post it with my consent. As a professional tennis player, I thank you all for your support and consideration. I hope to promote Chinese tennis alongside you if I have the chance soon. I hope Chinese tennis will continue to improve. Thank you again for your consideration, “the statement concludes.

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