DIRECT. Covid-19: Olivier Véran notes “a small outbreak of Covid-19, but without” health impact “

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He 2 hours ago On 11 / 10 / 2021 To 11: 10

Even veran cannot deny the truth of the numbers

Despite everything, he continues to want to maintain 1 totally unjustifiable pass

While: on 269 LREM deputies

3 lrem deputies voted against its extension

104 lrem deputies did NOT vote

64 deputies voted for (Not even the half of the government party does not agree with maintaining this measure)

blinky 24 2 hours ago The 22/10 / 2021 To 11:

No epidemic resumption according to our leaders. We must not especially at 2 months of the end of the year celebrations put psychosis back on people. The money has to come in full, do you understand.

herv 20096551 1 hour ago On 11 / 10/2021 To 11: 22

You understand or not that hospitalizations and sheaves are down slightly despite this recovery?

That’s right who counts.

Do not worry that if it starts again strongly, measures will be taken and other people will complain.

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