DIRECT. Covid-19: From Monday, Austria confines unvaccinated people

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Rintintin 27 There is 21 minutes On 15 / 10/2021 To 09: 06

The idea is to look at first if the results are convincing, why not!


1 hour ago On 11 / 11 / 2021 To 08: 11

vaccinated or not we can contaminate and be contaminated, why this vaccine does not protect if it is only to enrich the laboratories, have the intelligence to close the borders, the stadiums are crowded without gesture barrier without mask, the restaurants no protection, the nightclubs are crowded without barrier gesture, etc …… and the fault is transferred to the unvaccinated who do not have access to the stadiums, restaurant etc ….. poor France you have fallen very low no one knows what, solidarity , freedom, respect, mutual aid mean …. sad country ….

1 hour ago On 11 / 11/2021 To 08: 21

This is incorrect. The vaccine lowers the risk of catching it, developing severe forms and transmitting it. Unfortunately, it does not fully protect, it’s true, but it’s still the best solution we have for the moment.
20193950 The unvaccinated are not responsible for the epidemic, but in proportion, their responsibility in the spread of the virus is greater than the vaccinated. It’s a fact.

It doesn’t mean that confining the unvaccinated is a good solution, I don’t think so, it’s absurd. Partial containment doesn’t work.

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