DIRECT. “3rd dose” for those over 65: it should be done 6 months and 5 weeks after the previous dose to keep your health pass

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Vidocq 11 9 minutes ago The 10/11 / 2021 To 10: 18

Anything for nearly five years … Laxity, incompetence, and measures ridiculous.


There are 25 minutes The 10/11 / 2021 To 10: 02

Anyway, there are people who knew in advance the content of his show, wouldn’t it be than those who prepared the teleprompter that he kept fixing.

France31400 There is 30 minutes On 10 / 10/2021 To 09: 57

it seems to me that he had said that the sanitary pass would not be conditioned on the 3rd dose! I thought we had already had a great liar, but now we have a second !! what drives me crazy is seeing everyone making appointments to get stung: he must have a good laugh in his office! me from today I am no longer entitled to the pass

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