Didier Raoult: “We are suing success” defends the Marseille infectious disease specialist, accused of “charlatanism” by his peers

the essential For nearly three hours, the disciplinary chamber, chaired by an administrative magistrate assisted by eight doctors, examined two complaints filed late 2020 by the Order of Physicians of Bouches-du-Rhône and the National Council of the Order of Physicians (Cnom).

“Charlatanism”, “reckless risks” for patients, lack of brotherhood, the controversial professor Didier Raoult faced on Friday the justice of his peers who accused him before a disciplinary chamber in Bordeaux of having violated several articles of the code of medical ethics by promoting hydroxychloroquine against Covid – 000.

“We are suing success” defended the Marseille infectious disease specialist from 69 years old, standing, green sweater and checked shirt, in front of the disciplinary chamber of the Order of Physicians of Nouvelle-Aquitaine, which examined two complaints during a disoriented hearing far from Marseille.

Upon arriving, the director of the Mediterranean Infection University Hospital Institute (HU) silently greeted, with a nod of the head, the thirty demonstrators came to support and applaud him. “Raoult, our lighthouse in the night”, “Touche pas à mon Raoult”: banners testified to the doctor’s popularity with the “anti-system”.

For nearly three hours, the disciplinary chamber, chaired by an administrative magistrate assisted by eight doctors, examined two complaints filed late 2020 by the Ordre des médecins des Bouches-du-Rhône and the national council of the Ordre des médecins (Cnom), on the basis of several reports initially made by the French-speaking infectious pathology society ( Spilf), by hospital practitioners and individuals against Didier Raoult.

The Marseille practitioner is accused of having promoted hydroxychloroquine to treat Covid – 19, “without established scientific data”, which is akin to “charlatanism”, of having taken “reckless risks” by treating patients with this treatment “not proven by science” and of having “failed in his duty of confraternity” towards other doctors, detailed the rapporteur of the disciplinary chamber.

For Me Philippe Carlini, lawyer of the Ordre des médecins des Bouches-du-Rhône, these lawsuits were undertaken to support the “heroic liberal doctors” jostled by “anxious patients” claiming, “without knowing anything about it”, a treatment with hydroxychloroquine, based solely “on the words of an eminent scientist from Marseille sent without any caution” on TV sets and social networks.

“Like a criminal”

“It is the doctors who complain about us, not the patients” retorted Didier Raoult, claiming to have received “more than 600. 000 patients “within the IHU during the health crisis,” without any complaint “.

In front of his peers, the professor maintained the “success” of his treatment despite the lack of proven effect even today.

Several randomized studies – the British Recovery, the French Hycovid, or Solidarity conducted by the World Health Organization (WHO) – all concluded that hydroxychloroquine was not effective against Covid – 19, however recalled the disciplinary chamber.

For Me Fabrice Di Vizio, lawyer for Didier Raoult and champion of anti-vaccines, the subject of hydroxychloroquine is a “false debate”. His client, he says, is judged “like a criminal”, mainly for his critical positions on the management of the health crisis by the authorities.

According to this lawyer, very mobile at the bar, the file does not contain any precise or dated words proving the denigration of the Marseille professor towards the profession.

Conversely , the “general communication” of the IHU and its director made it possible in particular to highlight the interest of resorting to “massive tests of patients” or to identify “the problematic of the cycles” of the virus to better manage the health crisis in France, he pleaded.

The decision will be rendered on December 3

Professor Raoult incurs a sanction ranging from a simple warning to radiation, including temporary suspension.

The Bordeaux court also examined a third complaint lodged this time by the Marseille professor himself, against the vice-president of the Bouches-du-Rhône Order of Physicians, Dr Guillaume Gorincour, for “non-confraternity”.

Didier Raoult criticizes this doctor in charge of ethics within the body about fifty tweets denigrating him, posted at length of the year 2020.

The decisions on these two hearings have been reserved and will be released on December 3.

Professor Raoult, retired as a university professor and hospital practitioner, must leave the head of the IHU at the end of June at the latest.

Since at the end of October, he is also accused, like the IHU, of having since carried out 2017 of supposed illegal “clinical trials” against tuberculosis, which they deny.

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