Death of Tantaoui, first ruler of Egypt after Mubarak

the essential Marshal Mohamed Hussein Tantaoui, who was for more than 20 Minister of Defense of the former Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak, died Tuesday at the age of 85, the army said.

When the autocrat fell in February 2011, Tantaoui had taken the reins of the country for nearly 18 months while leading the junta in charge of the transition before the organization of elections.

During this period, he was often seen as a potential presidential candidate, but his advanced age and health problems had worked against him.

The general command of the armed forces mourns one of his sons and leaders of the October war (1973), Marshal Mohamed Hussein Tantaoui, former Minister of Defense, who died today ‘ hui “Tuesday, the spokesman for the armed forces said on Facebook.

Tantaoui fought in the ranks of the Egyptian army in three conflicts in the 20th century.

After eighteen days of a popular revolt, Mubarak had resigned on February 2011 and handed over his powers to the Council Supreme of the Armed Forces, led by Tantaoui who had been his Minister of Defense since 1991.

Tantaoui, however, was dismissed from his post in August 2012 by Islamist President Mohamed Morsi, elected at the end of June, and replaced by General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, head of military intelligence.

In July 2013, Sissi, who had become the strong man of the country, had dismissed Mr. Morsi following monster demonstrations demanding the departure of the Islamist president. A year later, he was elected head of Egypt, after having eliminated from the political scene all opposition, Islamist but also secular.

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