Dark web: 150 suspects arrested after a global crackdown

the essential A planetary operation against illegal trade on the dark web has led to the arrest of 150 people. The police and gendarmerie services of nine countries took part in this crackdown under the aegis of Europol.

A worldwide hunt in total secrecy. After several months of investigation, a global crackdown against illegal trade on the dark web has led to the arrest of some 150 suspects. The police and gendarmerie services of nine different countries carried out one of the biggest operations to date concerning the clandestine version of the internet, announced on Tuesday 25 October the European police agency Europol, based in The Hague.

Operation DarkHunTOR “consisted of a series of separate but complementary actions in Australia, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the United States,” Europol said. In the United States, some 65 people were arrested in this operation which also allowed, among other things, 47 arrests in Germany, 24 in the United Kingdom, four in Italy and four in the Netherlands. Several of those arrested “were targets of importance” for Europol. The police also seized 26, 7 million euros in cash and electronic currencies as well as drugs, in particular 25 ecstasy tablets, and 45 guns.


In Italy, the police also closed illegal marketplaces called “DeepSea” and “Berlusconi” which together had “more than 100 000 announcements of illegal products “, according to Europol, whose operation was coordinated with Eurojust, the European agency for judicial cooperation.

The operation called “DarkHunTOR” which followed the dismantling in January under the leadership of the German police of DarkMarket, one of the main marketplaces on the cyber-black market. “The object of operations like this is to signal to criminals operating on the dark web (that) the law enforcement community has the means and international partnerships to expose them and hold them accountable for their activities. illegal, even in dark web areas, “said deputy director of operations at Europol, Jean-Philippe Lecouffe.

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