Dancing with the stars: Wejdene eliminated, her fans angry

the essential The sixth number of “Dance with the stars” ended with the elimination of Wejdene, the singer of 17 years that many teens love. Many of his fans reacted on social networks.

A week after the elimination of the ex-Miss France, Vaimalama Chaves, the rules have again changed in “Dance with the stars”, this Friday evening on TF1 . Each of the eight couples in competition had to obtain an overall score from the jury higher than 30 under penalty of remaining in “hot seat” and running the risk of come face-to-face and be eliminated.

For this evening under pressure, each couple had to give the maximum. Aurélie Pons and Adrien Caby danced a waltz to the tune of “T’es beau” by Sophie-Tith and obtained 22; Tayc and Fauve Hautot danced a paso doble to the sound of “Gangta’s paradise” by Coolio and were noted 30; Lucie Lucas and Anthony Colette moved to a salsa with Camilla Cabello’s “Don’t go yet”, a noted dance 23; Michou and Elsa Bois danced a rumba to the tune of “In my arms” by Kendji Girac and Dadju: they obtained 24; Dita von Teese and Christophe Licata chose a paso to the tune of “Boys” by Lizzo and were noted 32; Wejdene and Samuel Texier moved on a rumba with Janie’s “Personal Message” noted 24; Bilal Hassani and Jordan Mouillerac danced quick step to the tune of “Another day of sun” the soundtrack of “La la land”. They collected a 33. Finally Gérémy Crédeville and Candice Pascal have chosen an American smooth to the sound of “No surprises” by Radiohead. A noted service 25.

All the candidates rated below 26 had to compete in the face-to-face test: Michou, Lucie Lucas, Wejdene, Aurélie Pons and Gérémy Crédeville. To prove that they had to continue the adventure, they had 33 seconds to dance a tango to the tune of “La grenade” by Clara Luciani.

Three couples found themselves in “hot seats” at the end of the show: Michou, Wejden and Lucie Lucas. At the end of the viewers’ vote, the jury chose to keep the comedian Gérémy Crédeville. It is finally Wejdene, the youngest candidate in the history of “Dance with the stars” who had to leave the adventure.

Wejdene coming out? Nah, I don’t agree lucia it’s been 3 weeks she’s been doing shit # DALS

– Ilan (@ilan_srt) October 17, 2021

And then like Clem, she dances better than Wejdene? But mdr #dals

– Amiami (@aminaaa_m) October 22, 2021

And I who thought that TF1 would do everything to take Wejdene to the final. I’m in shock, pinch me, I can’t believe it! #DALS

– MADYH (@madyh_h) October 17, 2021

Next week, there will be seven pairs remaining in competition.

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