Dancing with the stars: the strange illness suffered by Dita von Teese, one of the favorites this season

the essential Dita von Tesse, the American erotic dancer, did not ensure the competition in “Dance with the stars” Friday evening. She was unable to walk on the floor due to her state of health.

Along with singers Tayc and Bilal Hassani, Dita von Tesse is one of the favorites of this season of “Dancing with the Stars”. For all the candidates in the running, the pressure is mounting as the quarter-finals of the competition approach. However, Dita von Teese had to throw in the towel a few hours from the live. If the American erotic dancer was on stage, she could not dance at the risk of endangering her health.

“Dita was affected by minor health concerns. And as per the rules, she was seen by the doctors of the show who were categorical despite her willingness to participate, she was not able to compete.” , explained presenter Camille Combal.

Everything revolves around you

What could Dita von Teese suffer from to endanger her health if she dances? She is a victim of BPPV (benign paroxysmal positional vertigo). This most common dizziness is triggered by changes in head position. While the cause is often not identified, it may be a history of head trauma, vestibular neuronitis or severe systemic disease, Vidal explains. suddenly begin to circle around him. These vertigo, which usually last less than a minute, affect women twice as much as men.

The dancer of 41 years old explains, in a message posted on Facebook, that she felt a very painful vertigo at the beginning of the week . “It’s the worst I’ve had in years.” And to detail: “My vision was impaired, I became overwhelmed by nausea, headaches and instability. To endure the dizziness, Dita von Teese explains that she” slept upright “and” practiced Epley “( a therapeutic gesture).

She assures that she will be back in competition next week. A version confirmed by the host Camille Combal in the evening live: “If things go better, we will find her on the floor next week”.

Capture Facebook
Facebook capture

Dita von Tesse replaced by Terence Telle

To compensate for the absence of Dita von Teese, the production of “Dance with the stars” called on Terence Telle, the model who had finished third in season 9. He danced with Inès Vandamme. A choice imposed by the need to dance in a quartet. The absence of a candidate for health reasons is not a first in “Dancing with the stars”. Pamela Anderson had missed a bounty due to a leg injury. She had not been replaced for the bonus.

Dance for two and four

For this eighth number of “Dance with the stars”, the candidates were separated into three “teams” and had to dance in pairs, as every week, and in four, which had never happened in the emission.

Aurélie Pons presented a contemporary dance on “Versus” by Vitaa and Slimane; Tayc danced a quick step on “I need you” by Jon Batiste; at four, Aurélie Pons, Tayc, Adrien Caby and Fauve Hautot danced a paso doble on “Smoke on the water” by 2WEI; Gérémy Crédeville danced a quick step on Julien Doré’s “Limits”; in quartet, Gérémy Crédeville, Terence Tell, Candice Pascal and Inès Vandamme offered a contemporary dance on “Mesdames” by Grand corps sick; Michou offered an american smooth on Journey’s “Don’t stop believin ‘”; Bilal Hassani moved on a chacha to the sound of “Rain on me” by Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande; at four, Michou, Bilal Hassani, Elsa Bois and Jordan Mouillerac danced a Charleston on “Around the world” by Daft Punk.

The face-to-face was between three candidates: the Youtubeur Michou, the singer Bilal Hassani and the comedian Gérémy Crédeville. With their partners, they defended their place on the same dance and the same music: “Let’s love” by Sia and David Guetta.

Viewers decided to save Michou. As for the jury, it preferred to keep Bilal Hassani. It is therefore the comedian Gérémy Crédeville and his dancer, the Agenaise Candice Pascal, who left the show.

The candidates still in the running will play in the quarter-finals of “Dance with the Stars” next week.

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