Dance with the stars: why Lotois Jordan Mouillerac and Bilal Hassani have chances of going to the final

the essential The Lotois dancer and his partner Bilal Hassani have been making a flawless course since the start of the show. They now hope to reach the final. And they have every chance.

For Jordan Mouillerac and Bilal Hassani, the weeks go by and resemble each other, with success. Every Friday evening, the duo on the Dance with the Stars stage shows a little more each time they are the big favorite of the TF1 show. Last Friday, on a quickstep, the two candidates won the best score: 9 points on 10, placing them ahead of the formidable Christophe Licata and Dita Von Teese. Same scenario on Friday 15 October, and Friday October 8, and again Friday October 1 … Suffice to say that halfway through the adventure, it is now a place in the final looming. “Bilal, honestly on a dance like that, I think we are starting to have who potentially can go to the final of Dance with the stars”, predicted Chris Marques last Friday.

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And this is not to displease the dancer from Lot who cut his teeth at the Montat dance club. “Our goal is now the final, and why not the trophy, in any case, we are working for that, if Chris Marques who is the judge sees us in the final it is because he thinks that we have the capacities, I see his message as support, as encouragement “, Jordan Mouillerac tells us.

” I am already receiving contract requests “

It must be said that between the two, the rehearsals take place like clockwork. “Every time I announce dance and music to him, I feel his enthusiasm, I use the abilities that he naturally has when I choreograph and each time, I set the bar a little higher”, confides the Lotois . In front, he especially fears the competition of Tayc and Fauve, that of Christophe Licata and Dita Von Teese but also of Michou and Elsa who conquered the public. “Nothing is won, Michou and Elsa have made good progress from the start,” he adds. No matter. Now he and Bilal are determined to see it through.

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And for the dancer from Labastide-Marnhac, a victory would open many doors: “This is what I dream of since I was little, I believe in it and professionally it could open up a whole range of opportunities for me, I already receive ‘elsewhere demands for employment contracts, interesting proposals “. In the meantime, he keeps pace with the rehearsals. And work hard with Bilal, the sine qua non for reaching the final. “The pace is physical and sustained and it will not go smoothly, soon we will have to prepare 2 or 3 choreographies per week”, he slips. This Friday evening, he will dance a rumba with Bilal on the title “No me dejes”, the Spanish version of “Ne me leave pas”. An entire program.

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