Dance with the stars: Vaimalama Chaves in tears, Moussa eliminated

the essential The level of services of the candidates of “Dance with the stars” increased in the fourth number, broadcast Friday evening on TF1. Moussa, the ex-adventurer of “Koh-Lanta” has been eliminated.

After a month of competition, the level rises in “Dance with the stars”. The demands of the jury too. Eleven candidates were in the running for the fourth part of the show. With a common ambition: to obtain the best possible mark and to escape the face-to-face meeting and the risk of elimination.

Awarded four buzz last week, Bilal Hassani and Lot dancer Jordan Mouillerac again impressed the jury. While dancing a jive on “Faith” by Stewie Wonder and Ariana Grande, they got between 8 and 9 / 10. The other candidate very well noted by the jury from the beginning is the American erotic dancer Dita von Teese accompanied by the dancer Christophe Licata. To the sound of Amy Winehouse’s “Tears dry on their own”, their chacha was rated between 7 and 8 /10.

The ex-Miss France Vaimalama Chaves, attacked a week ago by a group of minors in Paris, had to dance on a rumba on the soundtrack of “Corps” sung by Yseult. “I identify a lot with what she is saying,” said Vaimalama Chaves. The words strongly moved the miss, criticized for her curves and victim of school bullying during her childhood in Polynesia. At the end of his performance, Vaimalama Chaves was in tears. It was rated between 5 and 7 /10.

Vaimalama Chaves – whose presenter Camille Combal had difficulty pronouncing the first name several times in the evening – moved some Internet users after his performance.

Vaimalama moved me. She was sweet, sincere and touching on this dance. Last week it was really bad but there she managed to make me cry. Bravo to her #DALS

– LéaIb (@leaibn_) October 1, 2021

Vaimalama is really touching, maybe not the dance of the century but sometimes the emotion takes over and is worth more? #DALS

– Nina (@noplpnina) October 1, 2021

For the other performances, Lucie Lucas and Anthony Colette danced a waltz on “Mais je t’aime” by Grand Corps Malade and obtained four 7 / 10. Tayc and Fauve Hautot danced a rumba on Usher’s “U remind me” and scored between 6 and 8 / 10. Michou and Elsa Bois danced a jive on “Stay” by The kid Laroi and Justin Bieber with marks between 5 and 7 / . To the tune of “I’ll never love” by Lady Gaga, Wejdene and Samuel Texier were rated between 6 and 8 / 10. Aurélie Pons and Adrien Caby chose a rumba to the sound of a French version of “The winner takes it all” by ABBA with 5 to 7 / 10. Gérémy Credeville and Candice Pascal preferred a tango to the tune of Hervé’s “Si bien du mal” and obtained 6 to 8 / 10. Moussa and Coralie Licata danced on “Skate” by Bruno Mars, obtaining between 4 and 7 / 10. And Jean-Baptiste Maunier and Inès Vandamme waltzed to the tune of “Riche” by Claudio Capeo before getting four 5s /.

The actor of the “Choristes” obtained the lowest score and spent the evening on the “hot seat” synonymous with possible elimination. In round 2, the couples had to do a relay with an imposed figure, a triple jump, to the sound of “Happy” by Pharell Williams.

The ultimate test, the face-to-face, thus opposed Jean-Baptiste Maunier to Vaimalama Chaves, the ex-Miss France, and Moussa, former candidate of “Koh-Lanta” with 45 seconds each on the same song: “Lisztomania” by Phoenix with a quick step.

At the end of the vote, Jean-Baptiste Maunier was saved by the public. Between Vaimalama Chaves and Moussa, the jury preferred to save the ex-Miss France. It is therefore Moussa, the former adventurer of “Koh-Lanta”, who left “Dance with the stars”.

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