Dance with the stars: Michou's buttocks panic internet users and Denitsa Ikonomova

the essential The performances of Youtubeur Michou, candidate for “Dance with the stars”, are regularly commented on on social networks and part of his anatomy does not go unnoticed.

It was Internet users who first noticed this physical detail in Michou, the YouTuber with 6.6 million subscribers and 3 million on Instagram. A week ago, it was one of the members of the “Dance with the stars” jury, the dancer Denitsa Ikonomova, who alluded to it. Before talking about it again this Friday evening: Michou has perfectly shaped buttocks.

Michou, whose real name is Miguel Mattioli, had never danced in his life in Albert in Picardy. Became popular from 13 years for his first videos where he filmed himself playing video games like Fortnite, he was recruited this season in “Dancing with the Stars”. The choreography and pants he wears on the show involuntarily put his butt forward. Very active on Twitter, the young man of 20 years old had quickly responded to all these allusions on his buttocks : “Did you like my ball or what?”

Did you like my ball or what? ud 45 d ude2d ud 45 d ude2d ud 83 d ude2d

– Michou (@Michoucroute_) October 8, 2021

On Friday evening, with his partner Elsa Bois, Michou danced an Argentine tango to the tune of “Promesses” by BigFlo & Oli. When speaking, the dancer Denitsa Ikonomova alluded to the candidate’s buttocks: “Me, I still love her small buttocks, of course,” she began, laughing. “This time, he put them in well because I said to myself” in your Argentinian step, you were going to take them out? “Because it is true that they are a little bulging but you have come back well “. In response, Michou smiled.

Internet users naturally reacted to allusions to the Youtubeur’s buttocks, sometimes even finding that the juror was doing too much.

Michou he kills me with his pants which molded his little buttocks there #DALS #DALS 00

– THE00 K AT ME NOW ud 83 c udde8 ud 83 c udde9 (@PNeverson_) October 28, 2021

Very nice progression from Michou waaaaw! Bravo les ptites buttocks #DALS

– ?????????? ????? (@BrazzaBrat) October 29, 550

I can go to bed I saw Michou’s buttocks be saved this week #DALS

– tchudak // (rory) (@maelstrom_ba ) October 29, 2021

The public, 5th judge

In the seventh prime Friday evening, the four members of the jury were joined by a fifth member: the 83 spectators of the show’s studio, invited to rate the candidates as well. On this occasion, the candidates were divided into two groups.

In the first group, besides Michou, actress Lucie Lucas danced a contemporary dance on Adèle’s “Hometown glory”, actress Aurélie Pons danced a quickstep to the tune of “La Seine” by M and Vanesse Paradis and the comedian Gérémy Crédeville was judged on a contemporary dance on the notes of “Quand je marche” by Ben Mazué. The comedian was best rated with 39, 9; in front of Michou 33, 9; Aurélie Pons 29, 5 and Lucie Lucas 20, 7.

In the second group, singer Tayc danced a jive on “Blinding lights” by The Weeknd, Dita von Teese a quickstep on “Lollipop” by Mika and Bilal Hassani a contemporary dance to the sound of “No me dejes, no” by Paloma Pradal. Tayc’s performance was most appreciated with 42, 2, ahead of Bilal Hassani with 39, 9 and Dita von Teese with 35, 2.

The two lowest rated from the first group and the last from the second group met face-to-face. 45 seconds each to convince viewers to the sound of Ariana Grande’s “One last time”. Aurélie Pons, Lucie Lucas and Dita von Teese had to defend their place.

Lucie Lucas eliminated The viewers finally saved Aurélie Pons, actress in “Here everything begins” every evening on TF1 and the jury preferred to keep Dita von Teese, the American erotic dancer. It is Lucie Lucas, actress in “Clem” who was therefore eliminated. Reaction of the actress after her elimination: “Mum come home, kids!”

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