Dance with the stars: Lotois Jordan Mouillerac and Bilal Hassani will dance a jive Friday evening

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Friday, on the floor of Dance with the stars, the duo most scrutinized by spectators will set off on a jive. This is what TF1 reveals in a video published on Wednesday. During training, Lot dancer Jordan Mouillerac explains to Bilal Hassani: “We will start with a basic step, the pas de bourré”. Bilal Hassani has fun and complies, staggering: “Le pas de bourré … like that?”

Technical explanations follow on how to achieve this jive step. Thanks to this performance, will the first pair of men in the history of Dance with the stars be able to keep the jury’s preference? Because Friday 14 September Bilal and Jordan won four immunity buzzes, propelling them directly to the bonus of this Friday thanks to their dance contemporary on Sia’s music, “Courage to change”.

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And the singer’s first dance steps participated in The Voice Kids and then in Eurovision were acclaimed by the critics. And by the members of the jury themselves. “You just did an incredible thing, you fully embody your movements, you are present, you are engaged”, notably commented François Alu, principal dancer at the Paris Opera who became a judge this year in the show.

“C is the first time that I dance with a man. I wanted to take up this challenge. It’s a great first. I am very proud to do it with Bilal because he is someone who plays a completely assumed role and who is very good in his body language, ”he explained on Instagram in a question and answer. And precisely, to the question of a surfer: “How do you manage the pressure of society vis-à-vis all the controversy concerning your duo?”, The Lotois responds: “We are proud of our duo, it surprises, and we will make sure that it surprises at every premium. Creating surprise is important in the artistic world. ” Verdict this Friday on TF1.

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