Dance with the stars: Jean-Paul Gaultier, the casting error?

the essential The couturier Jean-Paul Gaultier has joined the jury for “Dance with the stars” this season. The question of its legitimacy arises after its performances since the launch of the new season.

Was the production of “Dance with the stars” right to choose Jean-Paul Gaultier in the show’s jury this year? A deeply renewed jury this season after the departure of Jean-Marc Généreux for France 2 and the death of Patrick Dupont. The new jury includes Chris Marques, present since season 1, champion of salsa; François Alu, principal dancer at the Paris Opera and Denitsa Ikonomova, champion of Latin dances.

Three dance specialists and a fashion designer judge and rate celebrities. If Chris Marques, François Alu and Denitsa Ikonomova are well placed to judge the candidates, rate them and advise them, this is really not the case for Jean-Paul Gaultier.

After the performance of the singer Tayc, last week, he salutes “his dress elegance and in the pace and in the gesture”; he congratulates the actress Lucie Lucas for her “torrid” performance; he had “a good time” seeing the actor Jean-Baptiste Maunier dance; he ensures that the actress Aurélie Pons “took pleasure” by dancing or he notices “the notable progress” of the ex-Miss France Vaimalama Chaves.

As for the notes, Jean-Paul Gaultier noted the celebrities between 6 and 9 on , notes relatively similar to the other members of the jury.

The couturier’s comments after the services have been noted by several Internet users.

Jean Paul Gaultier it is full of “and everything” “and then there” but there is never any real content in its sentences #DALS

– إيناس (@cagoals) October 8, 2021

“I am not a dance teacher “

Asked about this on RTL in September, Jean-Paul Gaultier explained himself. “Obviously, I will be unable to say if the technique of the foxtrot is impeccable but I will let my emotions speak, say what I felt when I saw. The precise steps, absolutely not. But that is not what it is. ‘They want me. There are perfect technicians for that. It is not at all that I am expected, I think. But rather in the intensity, the progress. I feel things and I m he is interested in choreography as a total spectacle, and in dance, especially contemporary, there is a mixture of everything… I will comment on the grace, the progress, the intensity and the emotion that emerges from it. We must be a little complementary! “

Jean-Paul Gaultier continues: “I am not a teacher, I never have been. And even less of dance. But that is not what is expected of me. Even if there are people. that I know personally, there will be no favoritism. Never aggressive, that’s for sure. ”

On the sidelines of “Dance with the stars”, Jean-Paul Gaultier is behind the “CineMode” exhibition which is currently taking place at the Cinémathèque française in Paris. Photos, film clips and clothes are in the spotlight until 16 January 2022. Cinema is one of the fashion designer’s passions.

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