Dance with the stars: Bilal Hassani dazzles the jury, Lââm eliminated

the essential “Dance with the stars” returned to TF1 on Friday evening with new candidates, new dancers and new rules. A first personality has already been eliminated.

After two years of absence, “Dance with the stars” made its comeback Friday night on TF1. Thirteen personalities are in the running this year. The first six hit the floor last night, the other seven will make their debut next week.

The opportunity to discover which candidates dance with which dancers. The actress of “Clem” Lucie Lucas is with Anthony Colette, the singer Wejdene with Samuel Texier – a newcomer in the troupe -, the actor Jean-Baptiste Maunier with Inès Vandamme, the singer Lââm with Maxime Dereymez, the singer Bilal Hassani with Jordan Mouillerac and the ex-candidate of “Koh-Lanta” Moussa with a new dancer Coralie Licata.

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Bilal Hassani offered the best performance of the evening. For the first time in “Dancing with the Stars”, two men danced together. The dance was a contemporary to the tune of Sia’s “Courage to change”. The jury was dazzled for a first performance. “You both touched me enormously”, responded Chris Marquès. “You just did an incredible thing, you fully embody your movements, you are present, you are engaged, I felt the beast that is in you”, commented François Alu, new member of the jury and first dancer at the Paris Opera. Denitsa Ikonomova praised the “coordination, breadth, breathing, emotion and synchronization” of the choreography. Jean-Paul Gaultier told Bilal Hassani of “his admiration and all his progress since Eurovision”.

Bilal Hassani and his dancer Jordan collected four immunity buzzes – this is a new rule this year – which allowed them to be directly qualified for the next time in two weeks.

We may not like Bilal Hassani but, tonight he clearly showed that he was incredible, charisma, emotion the determination wow #DALS ud 49 d udd 25 ud 83 d udc 83 ud 49 c udfff SfmBvJn

– French Blogger u 2615 ufe0f ud 83 c uddeb ud 83 c uddf7 (@sipitwithnasli) September 17, 2021

I feel that bilal will go very, very far , its performance is really phew for a first! #DALS

– carla ud 83 c uddee ud 49 c uddf9 (@fvl_carla) September 11, 2021

For this premiere, Lucie Lucas and Anthony Colette danced an Argentinian tango on “Allumer le feu” by Johnny Hallyday; Wejdene and Samuel a samba to the sound of “Deja vu” by Beyoncé; Jean-Baptiste Maunier and Inès a tango and a contemporary dance to the tune of “Derrière le brouillard” by Louane and Grand Corps Malade; Lââm and Maxime a quick step on the credits of the TV series “Une nounou d’enfer” and Moussa and Coralie a paso-doble on the credits of “Koh-Lanta”.

Lââm obtained the worst of the evening. The singer was aware of this in front of the jury: “I want to die, I messed up everything, I think they will fire me, it will be done quickly”.

Internet users shared his opinion …

But then Laam she makes absolutely no effort looks like she’s drunk #DALS 11 #DALS

– ud 83 d ude 25 ud 83 d ude4a (@steelaandv__) September 11, 2021

Laam and Maxime were the couple who drank too much at the end of the evening lol #dals

– Kev (@Selfcontrol 567) September 11, 2021

Laam dancing, it’s me at 00: in the morning, in the evening, no longer standing, taking my partner for a bar pole dance. #DALS

– Clement (@ClementTvreal) September 11, 2021

As the new rules of the show want, the couples had to participate in a second round by performing as best as possible an imposed figure. It was a synchronized combination, which consists of making a series of figures side by side, to the tune of “Bebeto” by Kendji Girac and Soolking. The two less good performances, performed by Wejdene and Moussa, led them to the “face-to-face” test to the tune of Lizzo’s “Juice”.

A couple was saved by the public, a second couple by the viewers: the singer Lââm was eliminated from this first show.

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