Dance with the stars: Aurélie Pons pays a moving tribute to her father who died a few days ago

the essential The actress Aurélie Pons wanted to dance in “Dance with the stars” despite the death of her father at the beginning of the week. Former Miss France Vaimalama Chaves was eliminated from the show.

It was with a photo of her as a child in her father’s arms that Aurélie Pons announced the sad news in the middle of the week. “I love you forever my Paupé. You are the most beautiful star,” she wrote on Instagram. The father of the TF1 actress “Here everything begins” died of a heart attack.

While the participation of the actress for the sequel to “Dance with the stars” was uncertain, Aurélie Ponse decided to maintain her participation in the show. And to dedicate his dance of the week to his dad. A nice way to salute the memory of his father who followed his performances with attention every Friday on the floor of TF1.

With her partner Adrien Caby, Aurélie Pons danced a paso doble to the song of the Eurovision winners, the Italians of Maneskin with “I wanna be your slave”.

“My daddy is proud of me”

A performance hailed by the public and the jury, very moved by this tribute, in particular Denitsa Ikonomova who could not finish her criticism of the dance. Aurélie Pons then rushed to take her in his arms. Several of the contestants and dancers also had tears in their eyes at the time. An intense moment. Aurélie Pons had asked the jury to rate it normally despite the circumstances, without any favors. She picked up between 7 and 8 / 10. “I’m that my daddy is proud of me,” said Aurélie Pons.

Many Internet users governed at the end of the dance of the one who plays Salomé in “Here everything begins”.

For this fifth number of “Dance with the stars”, a new rule has appeared. The jury had the possibility of buzzing the performances for which it was disappointed. Revealed at the end of the dance, this signal sent the candidate and his dancer in a “hot seat” – with the risk of being eliminated – if two of the four jurors had buzzed.

Bilal Hassani in the lead

Tayc and Fauve Hautot presented a contemporary dance on “Formidable” by Stromae. They had no buzz and 8 to 9 / 10. Vaimalama Chaves and Christian Millette danced an Argentinian tango to Hochi’s “And even after I will love you”. Chris Marques has buzzed. Ratings ranged from 5 to 7 / 10. Michou and Elsa Bois moved on a chacha to the sound of BTS’s “Dynamite”. There were three buzzes from Denitsa Ikonomova, François Alu and Chris Marques. Lucie Lucas and Anthony Colette danced a rumba to the tune of Hatik’s “The Best”. Denitsa Ikonomova and François Alu buzzed. Dita von Teese and Christophe Licata got no buzz and a general 8 / 10 for broadway jazz to the tune of “Don’t speak” by No Doubt. Wejdene and Samuel Texier were judged on a quick step to the tune of Alphabeat’s “Fascination”. The teenager got 7 / 10 and no buzz. Bilal Hassani and Jordan Mouillerac made an American smooth to the sound of Maëlle’s “The Mass Effect” which allowed them to get a 9 / 10 overall. Gérémy Crédeville and Candice Pascal moved on a chacha to the tune of “Machistador” by M. They got three buzzes from Denitsa Ikonomova, François Alu and Chris Marques.

At the end of this first round, Bilal Hassani was at the top of the standings. Michou, Lucie Lucas and Gérémy Crédeveille were in “hot seats”. The contestants then participated in the second dance with an imposed figure – a combined jive – to the tune of “Runaway baby” by Bruno Mars. Tayc and Fauve Hautot were the best rated by the jury.

The final “face-to-face” stage pitted Michou, Lucie Lucas, Gérémy Crédeville and Vaimalama Chaves against each other. To convince the public and the jury, they danced to the sound of “One way or another” by One Direction.

The public finally voted to save YouTubeur Michou, the jury chose to keep Gérémy Crédeville and Lucie Lucas. It is therefore the former Miss France Vaimalama Chaves who was eliminated on Friday evening. “It was really a beautiful human, physical and psychological test”, reacted the candidate after her elimination.

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