Dadju and Darcy in “Celebrity Hunted” on Prime Video: “Our cousin impressed us the most!”

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(ETX Daily Up) – They’re used to being in the spotlight though. For “Celebrity Hunted”, the new game from Amazon Prime Video, Dadju and his brother Darcy had to play the fugitives. A family run but always in style. They tell us what they learned from this adventure. Meet!

Did you hesitate to participate in “Celebrity Hunted”?

Dadju: It was first offered to me. I thought about it a little bit, but I accepted. I accepted in the end because the idea was an original idea. I don’t really remember a show like that and on top of that, we were given carte blanche. They told me your carte blanche to get away and that’s what I liked. The fact that people tell me “well go ahead, do what you want. You just have to escape.” And so there, I automatically, directly thought of my brother, Darcy to be able to ride this run and someone on whom I can count in case of problem. I proposed to him and he immediately accepted.

How did you manage your stress?

Darcy: It’s normal, it’s the goal of the game, in quotes, to be paranoid. Otherwise, you don’t quite understand the rules. You don’t quite understand what you got yourself into. But that’s okay, the most important thing is that we managed to manage this paranoid and stress. It was a lot of stress, but we did well. We did well. Frankly, I really enjoyed it, we really enjoyed this adventure.

Have you been surprised by each other?

Darcy: It affirmed us more, consolidated rather than new things that we learned. We already knew, it just confirmed what we thought of each other: “Ah in such a situation, you are like that, you are like that”. We just took comfort in that fact.

And by your relatives?

Darcy: Elliot, he was hot!

Dadju: Frankly Elliot, he me astonished. Our cousin, frankly, on this run, he’s the one who impressed me the most, I think. His ability to move …

Darcy: Action, reaction!

Dadju: Action reaction. There is a problem … In fact, he was more on the run than us.

Darcy: I swear!

Dadju: In the end, he was more on the run than us! In fact, he said, “Actually, even if you get farted. Get farted when I’m not managing you anymore.” Frankly, he really, really impressed me. I learned more about him, frankly, even though he’s my cousin. We grew up together, he lived with me and all but that, I did not know.

What what have you missed the most during these 10 days on the run?

Dadju: Me, the family. It always pisses me off to go a single day without talking to my kids. But hey, it wasn’t the end of the world either. And it’s really an adventure where you’re not alone. You see, I’m with my brother, we have our accomplices, I was with my cousin. I was with …

Darcy: People we know.

Dadju: People we know, so it’s okay, it’s okay. Frankly, there are worse.

Not too hard not to have your phone?

Darcy: Frankly, yeah, that was the right excuse and you were asking if we discovered anything about each other but in truth you just made me think that I found out that, in fact, I didn’t. am not that much hanging on my phone, actually. I did ten days without being on it and I didn’t particularly miss being on the networks and watching what is happening. Frankly, I was disconnected and it didn’t hurt me. On the contrary.

Dadju: Exactly. Frankly, I myself have seen that if there are networks, I go to networks. If there isn’t, I don’t care either.

Celebrity: advantage or inconvenience for the adventure?

Dadju: It was a bit of a handicap because, we talked everything immediately there social networks, if you see me, it’s to take a photo, it’s to do that. And then it was posted directly. So this is your location directly and it goes fast. So this is a problem. It was a problem anyway, but what helped us a lot was the Covid mask, the fact of having the mask, the barrier gestures, all that. To camouflage ourselves, to be able to walk among everyone, it still helped us a lot.

word to define this adventure?

Darcy: Cavaler!

Dadju: Ride!

Darcy: It was our battle cry!

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