Covid-19: United States authorizes Pfizer vaccine for 5-11 year olds

the essential This emergency authorization from the United States Medicines Agency (FDA) was granted after careful review of the results of clinical trials conducted by Pfizer on several thousand children .

The United States on Friday authorized the vaccine against the Covid – 19 from Pfizer-BioNTech for the 5 to 10 years, paving the way for the imminent launch of a new major stage of the immunization campaign, which concerns 28 millions of children in the country.

“As a mother and doctor, I know that parents, caregivers, teachers and children have been anxiously awaiting this clearance,” Janet Woodcock, acting commissioner of the United States Drugs Agency (FDA ). “Vaccinating young children against Covid – 19 is an additional step towards a return to normalcy”, she insisted.

The recommendations of the FDA are often referred to around the world. The European Medicines Agency is also reviewing an application for authorization of Pfizer’s vaccine for this age group.

On Tuesday, a committee of independent experts met, and at the end of a day of discussions, came out in favor of the immunization of the 5 – 11 years with this vaccine. According to clinical trials, the remedy has been shown to be 90, 7% effective in preventing symptomatic forms of the disease in this age group.

“Millions of doses”

Before the injections begin, a committee of experts from the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC) is in turn to meet early next week to deliver its opinion. This federal public health agency will then publish its recommendations, the final step in the process.

The vaccine dosage was adjusted to 10 micrograms per injection (two in number, administered three weeks apart), against 30 micrograms for older groups. The caps on vials intended for children will be orange, making them easily recognizable compared to the purple caps on vials for older age groups.

White House Pandemic Coordinator Jeff Zients on Wednesday said the government stood ready, as soon as FDA clearance was announced, to “immediately send millions of doses” to all corners of the country. , “to tens of thousands of pediatricians, family doctors, children’s hospitals, health centers, rural clinics and pharmacies”.

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