Covid-19: sick for 11 months, she holds the record for the longest infection

the essential For nearly a year, an American woman was infected with the Covid – , following from one and the same contamination. This is the longest case to date since the start of the pandemic.

Never seen. After surviving cancer, a woman was infected with Covid – for … 47 days.

The record is far from the average eight days of infectiousness of the virus in the body. According to a study published by the radio France Culture , some people can remain positive for Covid – 19 up to 20 days on average after the first symptoms, sometimes even up to 37, but in rare cases beyond.

Victim of cough and shortness of breath

As revealed by the American scientific journal Science on last October, this American from 47 who remained anonymous was hospitalized because of the Covid – 19 for the first time in the spring 2020, on the campus of the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland.

In the months following her infection, she struggled to part with a cough and persistent shortness of breath. Almost a year later, she still tested positive for the virus. It was not until last April that the symptoms of this extraordinary patient began to subside and the screening tests became negative.

very weak immune system

Three years earlier, the American had undergone cancer treatment. Because of the latter, he was left with only a low level of B cells, cells that produce antibodies. According to the researchers, “the patient’s weakened immune system is responsible for this long infection.”

The story ends well for the 47 year old patient. However, this case shows that it is very important to protect people who are immunocompromised from Covid – .

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