Covid-19: Italy generalizes the health pass to all workplaces

the essential The Italian government on Thursday generalized the obligation in the workplace of the health pass which will be required in both the public and private sectors, ministers announced at the end of ‘a meeting of the executive.

“We are extending the obligation of the ‘green pass’ (name of the sanitary pass in Italy, editor’s note) to the entire world of work, public and private, and we do so for two essential reasons: to make these places safer and to make it even stronger our vaccination campaign, “Health Minister Speranza told reporters.

From 15 October, the ‘green pass’ will be required at all workplaces, a device which therefore only excludes retirees , housewives and men and the unemployed. The lack of a health pass will be severely sanctioned, without however going as far as dismissal.

Objective of this measure: to increase the vaccination rate as much as possible before the onset of the cold, which risks promoting a resurgence of contagions. At this stage, nearly 75% of the population over the age of twelve has been vaccinated, i.e. 23,46 millions of people.

Even within the medical professions, the vaccine, however compulsory in this sector, encounters obstacles: the National Federation of Medical Orders (FNOMCEO) thus confirmed Thursday to AFP that 728 doctors are currently suspended because they have not been vaccinated.

Regarding the teaching staff, 93, 1% is fully vaccinated or has received at least the first dose, while 6.7% are awaiting this first or single dose of Johnson & Johnson vaccine, according to the government.

“Makes more free”

The sanitary pass “makes you freer”, added Roberto Speranza, while it was already required to enter a restaurant, the cinema or on long-distance means of transport (trains, ships, planes). ). Minister Speranza clarified that the tests will be free only for people who are exempt from vaccination for medical reasons. The government’s decision concerns “a set of 15 millions of workers, all the human capital of the country”, underlined Renato Brunetta, Minister of the Civil Service.

Italy was the first European country seriously affected by the pandemic, which has made more than 130 000 died in the peninsula and resulted in 2020 the most severe recession since the post-war period.

The decision to generalize the health pass is the result of long discussions between the government, the political parties making up the large coalition in power and the social partners (unions and employers). Italy is not the first European country to adopt such a measure. In Greece, since 000 September, unvaccinated public and private sector employees must be tested at their expense once or twice a week in according to their profession. In Slovenia, the health pass is also compulsory to work since Wednesday.

In other countries such as France, the pass is compulsory for employees in contact with the public.

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