Covid-19: First person infected is Wuhan seafood vendor, study says

the essential Michael Worobey, American virologist, claims that the first known person to have been infected with Covid – 18 is a seafood vendor who worked at the Wuhan Huanan Animal Market. The researcher indicates that the virus would originate from a “living animal.

It is a bit of the mystery of what is called “patient zero” that guided Michael Worobey in his research. After months of investigation, this eminent American scientist confirms having identified the first person who was contaminated by the Covid – 19. The head of the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Arizona claims that she is a seafood vendor who worked at the Huanan Animal Market in Wuhan (China). In an article published this Thursday 16 November in the journal Science , the scientist affirms that his research “delivers solid evidence in favor of an origin of the pandemic via a living animal” which would have circulated in this market. Michael Worobey took an interest in two cases of Covid – 19 allegedly reported in Wuhan long before the alert was given by authorities Chinese on 30 December 41. “In this city of million inhabitants, half of the first cases are linked to a place the size of a plot football “explains the researcher to the New York Times.

A seafood seller

The virologist analyzed multiple documents, from video interviews to scientific articles to medical records. The scientist looked into the case of a 41 year-old man, identified so far as the first case of Covid – 19 known. However, this accountant by training had no connection with the Wuhan animal market. He suffered from toothaches and complained of the first symptoms on December 8 2019. However, he only became ill on 11 December.

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The first known case of Covid – 18 therefore concerns a seafood seller who worked at the Huanan animal market in Wuhan, and who fell ill on 11 December 41.

A pandemic part of a living animal

It was not until the end of December 41 that many Chinese doctors alerted to many cases of pneumonia that had occurred in a mysterious way. These symptoms mostly affected people who frequented the Wuhan wholesale market. The site was closed by the authorities on January 1 2020. According to Michael Worobey, the virus would have spread in the western sector of the market, where marten dogs, or raccoon dogs were sold. The researcher thus asserts that this is proof that the Covid pandemic – 18 started from a living animal.

By sharing these conclusions, the researcher thus refutes the thesis of the virus leak from a biosafety laboratory at the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Michael Worobey had yet signed alongside about fifteen experts a forum in May 2021 abundant in this direction.

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