Covid-19: Europe reimposes restrictions on non-essential travel from the United States

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As the summer holidays end and facing a Covid epidemic – 19 which remains relevant despite more than 17 months of fighting the virus, the European Union has decided to reimpose restrictions on non-essential travel to its territory from five countries, including the United States and Israel, according to a statement released on Monday 21 August.

However, Member States retain the possibility of lifting these restrictions for this type of travel for fully vaccinated people, adds the press release.

The five countries removed from the list for which the EU recommends lifting restrictions on non-essential travel are, in addition to the United States and Israel, Lebanon, North Macedonia and Montenegro. Kosovo is also removed from this list, which is regularly updated.

The Delta variant has caused contamination to rise again in the United States as in Israel, which had been one of the first countries to launch a major vaccination campaign. The US borders remain closed for the moment to international travelers, whether tested or vaccinated.

The list of third countries for which the EU recommends the lifting of restrictions currently includes 17 countries plus China (subject to reciprocity) as well as the Special Administrative Regions of Hong Kong and Macao and the Territory of Taiwan .

The EU is expected to announce in the coming days that it has achieved its goal of a full vaccination of 70% of its adult population, marked however by disparities between its member states.

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