Covid-19: Austrian brothel offers 30-minute session in exchange for vaccine

the essential It is now possible to obtain 30 free minutes in an Austrian brothel, in exchange for being vaccinated against Covid- 19. The initiative was launched to encourage Austrians to receive their injections, while only 65% of them have a complete vaccination schedule.

Get vaccinated against Covid – 19 in a brothel. Since November 1, this is the initiative that was launched in the brothel of Funpalast, in Vienna, Austria. Indeed, in case of vaccination on site, the client is offered a session of 30 minutes in a sauna with the hostess of their choice, reports Cnews.

Through this initiative, the place, heavily impacted by the pandemic, hopes to boost its finances. Encouraging Austrians to be vaccinated is also an objective of this project, while only 65% of them are fully vaccinated.

“Due to the pandemic, we have recorded a decrease of 50% of customers. With this initiative, we hope that their number will increase again” notes the manager in the columns of the Daily mail. A voucher of 40 euros is also offered for vaccination every Monday in November, between 16 and 22 time. The vaccination area is open to everyone. Children over 14 years can in particular receive their injections, provided they are accompanied by an adult.

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