Covid-19: all vaccinated travelers will be able to travel to the United States again from early November

the essential From “early November”, the United States will authorize travel for people vaccinated against Covid – 19 on their territory. Two phases will be put in place, a first with a compulsory vaccine only for “non-essential” trips, then a second with compulsory vaccination for all travelers “at the beginning of January” 2022.

The United States relaxes their sanitary rules. After having already announced the impending end of restrictions for travelers vaccinated against Covid – 14 arriving by air, the North American country will open “start November “its land borders with Mexico and Canada, also to vaccinated visitors, declared on Tuesday night 12 to Wednesday 14 October a senior White House official.

He assured, during a conference call, that the precise date of entry into force of the new device would be known “very soon” for these trips by land, as for international trips by plane, for which the obligation vaccine was announced on 20 last September. “It will go together,” according to the White House source.

“Two phases”

From March 2020, the United States had closed its borders for millions of travelers coming in particular from the European Union, the United Kingdom, or China, then later from India or Brazil. But also for visitors coming, by land, from Canada and Mexico. This has caused painful personal situations, and economic damage.

Regarding the land crossing of borders, the source said that the new system would be implemented in “two phases”. Initially, vaccines will be required for “non-essential” trips, such as sightseeing or visiting family, but the vaccination requirement will not apply to trips deemed “essential”, which have always been allowed.

Secondly, from “early January” 2022, all travelers, whatever their reasons, must be fully vaccinated. This will leave “ample time” for example to drivers of heavy goods vehicles, who have compelling professional reasons to cross the border, to be vaccinated, according to the White House. The source indicated that the current restrictions for these land borders, which expire on 21 October, would therefore be extended yet again, until the date of entry into force. force of the new system.

Which vaccines?

Asked about the vaccines that will allow entry into the territory, the senior official referred to recent indications from the US health authorities. The Centers for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC), the leading federal public health agency, has “advised airlines that all vaccines approved by the FDA (the United States Drug Administration) and the World Health Organization) health would be accepted for air travel. “

“I anticipate that it will be the same for land travel,” said the senior official, adding that in this case the AstraZeneca vaccine, which is not administered in the United States, would be accepted. The source clarified that this lifting of restrictions would only concern legal land entries into the territory.

The “title 42”, controversial legislation that allowed the Trump administration, then the Biden administration, to deport irregular people for health reasons since the start of the pandemic, will continue to be applied, she said.

This text, criticized by associations according to which it restricts the right to asylum in particular, was thus invoked by the White House to massively expel Haitians who had recently gathered at the border with Mexico.

Regarding air transport, the senior official said that the Biden administration still had to finalize the procedure, in particular everything related to the tracing of people entering the territory, and the tests which will be charged to travelers.

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