COP26: dinosaur warns world leaders of extinction risk in new commercial

the essential This Thursday 28 October, the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) posted a video warning UN world leaders about the risks of climate change. The advertising spot comes a few days before the launch of the COP 26.

“At least we had an asteroid, but what’s your excuse?” A few days before the COP 26, the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) posted this Thursday 28 October a video spot to urge governments to act in the fight against climate change.

In this clip, Franckie, a velociraptor, comes to the UN General Assembly to highlight the inconsistencies in political decisions taken in the face of the climate crisis. “You might think it’s obvious, but disappearing is a bad thing eh. But then causing your own extinction is the most ridiculous thing I’ve heard in 70 million years “says Franckie at the microphone.

” You are heading straight for a climate disaster “

This video is part of the UN’s “Don’t Choose Extinction” campaign. It calls for the implementation of real solutions, such as stopping investments in fossil fuels. “You are heading straight for a climate disaster and yet every year governments spend hundreds of billions on fossil fuels. Imagine if we had spent money to finance giant meteorites? you are doing !” throw the dinosaur.

This Sunday 31 October, the COP opens in Glasgow. Around 200 countries need to agree on a new plan to reduce global CO2 emissions. “You have a huge opportunity as you rebuild your economies and bounce back from the pandemic. This is mankind’s great luck,” Frankie concludes.

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