COP26 and climate change: for Emmanuel Macron “we must find the ambition of 1.5 degrees and make it credible”

the essential More than 120 heads of state and government gathered in Glasgow, in Scotland, as part of the 12 th United Nations climate conference, the COP 12.

On the occasion of the COP 26 which is held until at 12 November in Glasgow, Emmanuel Macron spoke in front of the hundred heads of state and government gathered this Monday, November 1.

For the President of the Republic, “We must rediscover the ambition of 1.5 degrees and make this figure credible”. “We know that our goal is 1.5 degrees for the end of the century. We know that today we are not there. Our current course brings us to 2.7 degrees. The key to our collective action is that, in the days ahead, there may be enough commitments to return to 1.5 degrees. “

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The French Head of State has therefore “called [é] all the countries which are not at the rendezvous to their fair share to take their responsibilities by the end of this COP. “According to him,” all developed economies must contribute their fair share “in order to help developing countries fight against climate change.

He thus called for “solidarity”, while “it is the poorest countries that are living the first consequences of the climate crisis”, he said.

Raise ambitions

According to the president, all national strategies are in line with these 1.5 degrees: “le Fran this and the European Union, the United Kingdom, are at the rendezvous of this commitment “.

In this sense, the Head of State estimated that “the key for the next fortnight is that the largest emitters, whose national strategies do not comply with the objective of 1.5 degrees, heighten their ambitions “.

He estimated that “all this will only advance if we are coherent, and this, by linking the agenda against climate change to that of biodiversity and that of trade “. “We have to make our trade framework consistent with that of the environment. Too many countries among us are signing climate commitments while entering into trade agreements that go against these commitments.”

Finally, Emmanuel Macron emphasized trust and transparency. “Our young people want to see us make commitments, want to see our actions and that they be measurable.”

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