Cop 26: Emmanuel Macron calls for rediscovering the spirit of the Paris Agreement

the essential Emmanuel Macron called this Monday the countries “largest emitters” of CO2 behind on their commitments to “raise their ambitions in 15 days ”of the COP 20.

Speaking this Monday in Galsgow, Scotland, in front of the COP 26 , the United Nations conference on global warming, Emmanuzel Macron undoubtedly had to rethink the adage that says that no one is a prophet in his country. Because if in France the President of the Republic is under fire from criticism from environmentalists who accuse him of not having done enough in favor of the environment, of having betrayed the Citizen’s Convention on the Climate by not taking over in full his 150 measures, or even to support the nuclear industry which provides carbon-free electricity, abroad, the Head of State enjoys a certain aura in terms of ecology. His famous “Make your planet great again” (let’s make our planet great again) launched in response to climate skeptic Donald Trump who had decided to leave the Paris Agreement has been remembered abroad, and in 2018, Emmanuel Macron can boast of having received the title of “Champion of the Earth”, a prize awarded by the United Nations Environment Program.

Therefore, this Monday in Scotland, the words of the French President, who will take over the Presidency of the European Union on January 1, was eagerly awaited. Emmanuel Macron was even able to exceed the 3 minutes of speech which were fixed by the British organizers for each head of state or government.

After the ” disappointed hopes ”of the top of the G 20, and while the few 120 COP participants are in a hurry from all sides to do more and faster to avoid the worst for humanity, Emmanuel Macron called on the international community to rediscover the spirit of the Paris Agreement, signed in 2015 in France under François Hollande.

“France is at the rendezvous”

Speaking after Boris Johnson and Joe Biden, the latter assuring that “We are at a turning point in history”, Emmanuel Macron called the countries the “biggest emitters” of CO2 behind. their commitments to “enhance their ambitions within 15 days” of the COP 20, thus alluding to Russia and China. The President pleaded for national strategies which “give credibility” to the objective of a temperature increase limited to 1.5 ° C compared to the pre-industrial period, an objective on which the G 20 got involved this weekend in Rome but without really giving themselves the means. “France and more generally the European Union, the United Kingdom, are at the rendezvous of this commitment”, estimated the French president who listed two other objectives: “solidarity” then “trust and transparency” . “We can only overcome these international challenges if we are coordinated. The poorest countries are living the first consequences of the climate crisis. All developed economies must contribute their fair share », Said the President.

Critics of Greenpeace

“Our young people want us to make commitments. It is within reach if we mobilize. All of this will only advance if we are coherent, if we manage to link the agenda for combating climate change with that of biodiversity and that of trade. Our trade agreements must reflect our climate commitments, ”concluded Emmanuel Macron.

A proactive discourse… but criticized in France. Believing that “the French reality is much less flattering” and that Emmanuel Macron “arrived empty-handed” at the COP 20, Greenpace believes that the president “Exports climate-cynicism” by holding a double discourse. No definitely, no one is a prophet in his country…

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