Conques-sur-Orbiel. The great return of “Kultur'Elles”

the essential The Music’Al Sol association is relaunching its festival dedicated to female culture, from 11 to 14 next November in Conques-sur-Orbiel.

The Félix Roquefort complex will experience animation from 11 to 14 next November with the Kultur’Elles festival, organized by the Music’Al Sol association. It is intended to promote female culture and fight against discrimination and violence against women. “This festival exists thanks to the involvement of volunteers, associative activism, the status of intermittent performance, the municipality of Conques as well as public funding”, underlines the president, Claire Pujol.

The program. Thursday 11 November, from 19 h, screening with Ciném’Aude: “Memnas”, documentary produced by Mathide Boé, and “The good wife”, comedy directed by Martin Provost. Friday 12 November Salle Félix Roquefort, from 19 h, concert with the group Soleynia (chanson World) followed by the Parisian group Les Ogres de Barback (alternative French song) and to end the evening the Catalan group Rufsig (electro music). Saturday 13 November from 19 h, concert with MAN & The Maniacs (Protest Pop), La Yegros, La Cafetera Roja, DJT Purple. Sunday 14 November, from 11 h 30: Fées ta Life (young audience), and the Mandolin Fairy. Workshops will be offered to schoolchildren and to the media library during the festival.

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