Connelly in court

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But how does he do it? How does he manage, year after year, to lead us by the end of the nose with his twisted plots, revealing the worst of the human species? Admittedly, Michael Connelly sometimes has losses of inspiration. But when the machine is running at full speed, what a pleasure! This is the case of the last novel of this undisputed master of suspense, since “The sewers of Los Angeles”, in 1993. In “Innocence and the Law”, Michael Connelly goes very hard, putting in jail his favorite lawyer Mickey Haller (the one who likes to work from his limousine) after a murder charge on a former client. The victim was discovered in the trunk of his car, which is a bit of a mess. And yet, Haller is obviously innocent, which he will strive to prove during a trial he leads with his ex as the main lawyer … The trial book is a genre in itself, which has forbidding sides. Michael Connelly follows the rules but brings to it his incredible sense of revealing detail, of the blind spot that will shed light.

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