Condom. The Vesperses end their season on a high note

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The Friends of the Organ invites the public to Saint-Pierre Cathedral for an exceptional concert, Sunday 17 October, at 13 hours. The trumpets of the Orchester du Capitole de Toulouse, René-Gilles Rousslot, Heike Gerber and Maxime Faix, will share the bill with organist Emmanuel Pélaprat.

The three trumpeters regularly play together in the same orchestra. The trumpet and organ formation is one of the most popular in music: on the organ, an instrument that is sometimes solemn or meditative, is added the brilliance of the brass. If we commonly meet duets or trios with two trumpets and organ, the ensemble conducted by René-Gilles Rousselot is unique and offers three trumpets and the organ. This training allows to approach, among other things, all the written music of Bach, when he uses the brass, for three trumpets and the organ. The ensemble is also interested in 20th century music and is keen to offer some original scores.

René-Gilles Rousselot is solo trumpet of the National Orchestra of Toulouse from 1999. He is a professor at the CRR and at the ISDAT-Toulouse Higher Music Education Center. Heike Gerber has appeared in many orchestras and, since 2012, she has been a member of the Orchester national du Capitole. Maxime Faix takes part in numerous concerts with the Orchester du Capitole de Toulouse, the Orchester national de Bordeaux-Aquitaine.

Emmanuel Pélaprat happily cultivates a career as an interpreter at the multifaceted and researcher. He was appointed specific expert for the heritage of harmoniums by the Ministry of Culture.

The program (subject to change): J.-S. Bach: ” Opening of the Cantata BWV 18 “; A.Vivaldi: “Concerto for two trumpets and organ”; G.-F. Handel: “Water Music”; Michel de Lalande: “Symphony for the king’s suppers”; Pierre Camonin: “Sonata for trumpet and organ”; Richard Long: “The ancient epic”.

Prices: 17 €; free for children and job seekers.

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