Clermont-Savès. A very nice concert

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FestiPop RockEstival produced on Saturday 09 its big annual concert with “Shine On – Occitania Tribute to Pink Floyd “

” Thank you for a wonderful concert “,” It feels good after all this time “,” It was a very beautiful concert “,” Shine On is an extraordinary group “,” We were at Pink Floyd “… it was with these compliments that the audience left us at the end of the concert.

The musicians by Shine On were happy to finally be able to perform after a year and a half of imposed silence. FestiPop RockEstival warmly thanks them for their talent and the creativity of their show and wishes them much success.

FestiPop RockEstival recently produced, Woodstock generation, InExtremis (Queen), The Blackbirds (the Beatles)… as well as the ephemeral theater (free audition and the forgotten people of the Balkans). “We say see you soon for new celebrations.”

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