Cinema: the surprising clause requested by Brad Pitt for his role in the film “Seven”

the essential Brad Pitt signed, in 1995, the main role of the film Seven, directed by David Fincher. Deeming a scene too “creepy”, the actor had a rather new condition written before accepting the role.

In the now cult thriller Seven, Brad Pitt signs the lead role, in 1995. The film traces the investigation of two cops into a sadistic serial killer, which bases the choice of his victims on the seven deadly sins.

David Fincher, director of the thriller, had already suffered two refusals, those of Denzel Washington and Sylvester Stallone, for this main role. The film was deemed too “creepy”. David Fincher had then succeeded in canvassing the actor of Troy, but on one condition (attention, spoiler). The actor wanted the head of Gwyneth Paltrow, who played his wife, to stay in the box.

Indeed, Inspector Mills, played by Brad Pitt, discovers the decapitated head of his wife while he is on the trail of the serial killer. The killer sends it to him in a box, and the spectator does not see it, just guesses it. A non-negotiable condition of the actor, who considered the scene too “gory”, reports RTL. Brad Pitt even had it written in black and white in his contract.

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