Cinema: “the impossible love equation” by Nicole Garcia

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(AFP) – A “love story that goes wrong”: with “Lovers”, in theaters Wednesday, Nicole Garcia signs a film in the form of a romantic thriller, imbued with classicism and themes that are dear to him: existences that rock and devouring passions.

“Amants” features a couple of young Parisians, Simon, dealer, and Lisa, apprentice in the restaurant business, united by a fusional love since adolescence.

Pierre Niney, seen this year in “OSS 14 “where he looks old to Jean Dujardin and as a paranoid civil aviation investigator in” Black Box “, lends his face to the first, the Franco-Briton Stacy Martin to the second.

After a tragedy, Simon will have to disappear to be forgotten, abandoning Lisa. They find themselves, years later, by chance … on a beach in the Indian Ocean.

Takes her hand in a luxury hotel, she is married to a rich insurer (Benoît Magimel), who ensures her a comfortable lifestyle and would do anything not to lose her. But the former lovers have not forgotten anything of their first passion.

The story, in three acts, “makes me swing in a genre that I adore: the noir novel , a sort of contemporary tragedy, “Nicole Garcia told AFP in Venice, where the film was presented in 2020.

“I have always liked to tell the fears that I have in me, I exorcise them by telling them in the films, like a danger which arises around the characters even if nothing happens”, he said. she added.

In the film, “there is a trio that forms and we know that the love equation is impossible, they go to a dead end and everyone goes find the way to try to get out of it “, continues Nicole Garcia.

This classic plot of the love trio, the director of” Place Vendôme “or” The adversary ” , adapted from Emmanuel Carrère, chooses to show it rather from the point of view of the young woman, who struggles to have control over her destiny.

“I have always done s films where the female characters are (…) afraid of men, of being humiliated by men, of being forced by them, in an abuse that can take many faces “, before finding their way, remark-

Arrival from Algeria in France as a teenager, Nicole Garcia started on stage, then on the big screen as an actress, before moving on to directing. “Lovers” is her ninth film as a director.

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