Cinema: “Pig”, Nicolas Cage as a “delicate” man of the woods

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(AFP) – “A man with the appearance of an ogre, but delicate and attentive”: in “Pig”, in theaters Wednesday, Nicolas Cage plays a hermit raising his sow deep in the woods.

For his first feature film, director Michael Sarnoski was far from imagining that Nicolas Cage would play the title role, and feed the sow during filming to domesticate her.

Rob lives as a hermit in a cabin in the forest with his sow, which trots behind him with a light step like a faithful dog. The red-haired animal, silkier than his master’s hair, visibly cherishes him, helps him find truffles in the forest.

Amir, a young man in shiny yellow sports coupe, regularly comes to collect the precious mushrooms. But one day, a commando violently bursts into the serenity of the forest and kidnaps the pig from Rob’s home.

His master will then have to, for the first time in years , come out of the woods to find the only living being he is close to. He will have to reconnect with a world he left after the death of his partner, a world where his talents as a chef had made him famous. Amir, to whom Rob had not spoken until then, ends up agreeing to help his supplier.

“The film tells the story of a man who must reconnect with himself and his past in order to be able to reconnect with others “, continues the filmmaker. “He will learn to apply this calm that the forest encourages to his relations with others.”

Amir will also gradually come out of his shell to taste the authenticity that he is offers Rob, wise with the looks of Frankenstein because of the blows he received during the kidnapping. In the background, there is a truffle industry “associated with a lot of crimes”.

“This is the reality. Animals that are good truffle seekers are sometimes stolen because they are worth a lot of money. They are guarded by armed men, “he continues. “Today most people use dogs instead because pigs eat truffles”, specifies Michael Sarnoski.

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