Cinema: “Last Night in Soho”, the thriller which sends the “Swinging London” waltzing

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(AFP) – “Swinging London” takes for its grade: “Last Night in Soho”, which hits theaters on Wednesday, is a feminist horror film which points to the misogyny of the years 1960, an often idealized era.

Signed by the Briton Edgar Wright, author of parody comedies like ” Shaun Of the Dead “and from the action film” Baby Driver “, the film, a” psychological thriller which imprints with the horror “according to him, goes back in the years 1960 in Soho, a district of bars, theaters, cinemas and night bars in the center of the capital.

He follows the path of Ellie (Thomasin McKenzie), a young Englishwoman from province, delighted to go to London for her fashion studies. Obsessed by the sixties, she dreams of rediscovering the atmosphere of the time, and flees the company of her comrades to settle in a dusty furnished apartment, run by an old lady (Diana Rigg, the cult actress of the series ” Bowler Hat and Leather Boots “).

But the experience will turn into a nightmare, over horrific and schizophrenic dreams where she is plunged back into the Soho of the past, alongside of an alter ego with a tragic fate, played by Anya Taylor-Joy (the young chess prodigy in the Netflix series “The Lady’s Game”).

The latter is a young singer and dancer who dreams of a career, in a world dominated by men, starting with managers. Behind the glitter, hides a universe of paranoia and sordid murders, where the life of a woman does not weigh heavily, and in which Ellie will gradually lock herself in her turn.

Beyond hemoglobin and psychological tension, the film intends to settle scores with a mythologized era. “Romancing the past is dangerous”, underlined the director, during his presentation at the Venice Film Festival.

“The further one moves away from an era, the more we tend to focus on its positive aspects. The years 60 have been reduced to fashion and Carnaby Street (epicenter of Swinging London) or chic clothes from Austin Powers. But everything that was bad now was already happening back then. from one era to another, the film also aligns a very nostalgic soundtrack, all in classics of the years 1960, when English rock shone on the world

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