Cinema: “In his lifetime” poignant picture of the end of life

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(AFP) – With “De son vivant”, the director Emmanuelle Bercot, who brings together Catherine Deneuve and Benoit Magimel for the occasion, signs a touching story of a end of life, against militancy in favor of euthanasia.

In theaters Wednesday, the film tells the story of a young man condemned by cancer who, after a phase of denial, tames her imminent death to come, to finally accept it.

At the same time, “While alive” evokes the suffering of her mother in the face of the unacceptable and the exemplary dedication of the doctor who accompanies them both in the ordeal.

“The film is not at all a documentary neither on the disease nor on the hospital” , underlined Emmanuelle Bercot during the presentation of the film, out of competition, at the last Cannes film festival.

“I love crying in the cinema. It is a total jubilation for me . I write things that will make me cry. Lots of people reject the melody. It’s elegant this and the intelligence of the interpretation of the actors that it does not fall into the vulgar pathos “, she added.

The mother-son duo formed by Catherine Deneuve and Benoit Magimel works wonderfully. Catherine Deneuve, 78 years old, had suffered a stroke during the filming of the film, interrupted for several months.

Obviously returned to Cannes, she explained that she now sees “things very, very differently …”

Unexpected performer of the film, oncologist Gabriel Sara, stationed in the United States, plays his own role: with a lot of sensitivity as he assures to do in real life, this doctor finds the words to accompany his patient and the latter’s mother, both medically and philosophically.

Emmanuelle Bercot knows that her film will be criticized: “they will tell me that this is not how it happens, that it is an ideal world, that if the doctors were like that, and the hospital rooms so big and so beautiful, that would be known … “.

” I wanted something bright and positive, that we come out of it with an even greater desire to live May this film which speaks of death be a hymn to life, ”explains the director. “The film absolutely does not claim to restore reality. You can see a tale in it, if you want to …”.

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