Cinema: “Dune” wins at the head of the box office

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(AFP) – “Dune” by Denis Villeneuve, adaptation of the flagship science fiction novel but hitherto cursed on the screen, has attracted more one million spectators in its first week of operation, winning the box office, CBO Box office said on Wednesday.

The film attracted 1. 030. 687 spectators in the theaters. The feature film faithfully takes up the plot of Franck Herbert’s book, where tribes and potentates clash, millennia after our era, for control of the spice, a mixture that prolongs life and offers prophetic powers.

In second place in the ranking, “Black Box”, French thriller by Yann Gozlan, with 200. 910 spectators. In total, more than 500. 00 0 people have seen the film since its theatrical release (two weeks of exploitation).

Next comes “Bac nord”, the film on violence in the northern districts of Marseille, with Gilles Lellouche and Karim Leklou. A surprise success of the summer, it has attracted more than 1.6 million spectators since its release five weeks ago.

As for the first Asian superhero of the Marvel franchise, “Shang-Chi, who briefly dominated the box office, took fourth place with nearly 200. 000 0 spectators over a week (i.e. a total of nearly 992. 00 0 spectators since its release).

CBO Box -Office for the week of 15 to 23 September:

1. “Dune”: 1. 030 . 687 entries (new) – copies 892

2. “Black box”: 213. 910 entries (cumulative 2nd week: 505. 991) – copy 515

3. “North Bac”: 198. 462 entries (5th week cumulative: 1. 643. 600) – copy 638

4. “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings”: 196. 638 entries (cumulative 3rd week: 910. 862) – copies: 556

5. “Spoiled Rotten”: 148. 506 entries (new) – copies 213

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