Cinema: “Barbaque”, the taste of vegan slices

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(AFP) – A couple of butchers kill vegan activists to serve them as ham to their customers: the comedy “Barbaque”, in theaters Wednesday, will not fail to to talk, between pear and dessert.

Director of “Case Départ” (2010), “Le Crocodile du Botswanga “(2012), and” Coexister “(2017), each of which had fun with questions of identity or religion, Fabrice Eboué, who grew up in Normandy in a Franco-Cameroonian family, once again tackles a sensitive subject.

In the film (01 H 30, prohibited for less than 12 years), he embodies Vincent, a traditional butcher who is struggling to make ends meet. Until the day when the shop, which he runs with his wife Sophie (Marina Foïs), is attacked by a commando of vegan activists, a way of life that strictly refuses the consumption and exploitation of animals.

By accident, Vincent kills one of them. The body, which he does not know what to do with, ends up in the ham slicer. Slices of vegan tasty at will, that Sophie, unaware, will sell for the greatest delight of the customers.

This is the starting point of an equipped crazy criminal during which the couple will hunt dozens of vegans, from green festivals to vegetarian restaurants. The latter are far from the only ones to take it for their rank in this film which also tackles, joyfully and without fear of the politically incorrect, the drifts of industrial butchery, ordinary racism and the hysterization of public debate. .

Beyond food, the film “speaks of the communitarianism of our time”, explains to AFP the director of 44 years, who sees in the speech of some vegan activists a risk of “+ cancel culture +, with a whole section of French gastronomy that risks going to the trash”.

“Somewhere, it touches the sacred”, adds Fabrice Eboué who says he was struck, during a barbecue, to see a guest refuse to eat mushrooms on the pretext that they had touched a chicken – an anecdote which inspired a scene from the film.

“I wanted to laugh at these debates today which do nothing at all between hysterical vegans and gruff butchers s “. “I’m not vegan (and) my goal is not to bring people together”, he specifies.

To maintain total freedom of tone, the one who considers unsurpassable model Benoît Poelvoorde’s cult comedy “It happened near you” (1992) has chosen to take on the main role himself. At the same time, he is getting ready to get back on stage, where he started, for his next show in January.

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