Christelle, a Tarnaise competing in speed-dating in “Love is in the meadow”

the essential Christelle, a resident of Gaillac, is one of the contenders in the new season of “Love is in the meadow” on M6. Her profile appealed to Delphine, an organic arborist from Tarn-et-Garonne.

From the broadcast of the second episode of the season 16 of “Love is in the meadow”, his profile hit the mark. Christelle, Tarnaise of 47 years, who lives in the vicinity of Gaillac, is one of the two suitors selected by Delphine, an organic farmer in search of love and first lesbian candidate of the ’emission.

“When I saw the ad on TV, I said to myself why not, I’m single, I want to try my luck with a farmer,” she explains. Christelle then launches herself via a video and there she is contacted by the production of the show. “We could write a letter or make a video, I told myself that I would be more natural and funnier. “

” I didn’t ask myself a question “

At the end of the first selection, they are ten women who claim to find love with Delphine. During the famous speed dating, often offering viewers memorable sequences, she stands out and thus finds herself “in the final” with Ghislaine, a banking advisor of 44 years, with personality and the insurance well marked.

“Obviously I know the rest, but for the moment I can not say anything, she admits, amused. Even if all my relatives cook for me… ”

The fact of being the first couple of women on the show remains anecdotal for Christelle: “I absolutely did not ask myself a question, she admits. I live my life and I take responsibility. Those who understood, so much the better, the others… There is no militant approach, only a sincere approach to meet someone. And frankly, I had fun, I was almost a dilettante! »And to admit that she very quickly forgot the cameras.

Christelle confides all the same not to read the comments on the social networks: “I forbid myself to read to see the criticisms and the nastiness. What I want to keep is the good story and… eat organic fruit! “

The broadcast is scheduled to be broadcast until December. While waiting to know the outcome (will she find love with Delphine?), Christelle remained in contact with other suitors, eliminated from the second episode. “The feedback is already positive, anyway, it’s a great adventure. “

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