Chris Potter at Jazz sur son 31 in Toulouse: “Jazz is a language”

the essential The concert of the Chris Potter Trio, this Thursday 11 at the Republic Pavilion of the Departmental Council in Toulouse, is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated moments of a 35 th edition of Jazz sur son 31 high in emotion and color.

Born in 1971 in Chicago, Chris Potter is a saxophone virtuoso, capable of breathtaking flights and a complete musician, as attested by his latest album, The Fascinating ” There is a Tide ”. Accompanied by Craig Taborn (piano, Fender Rhodes) and Nasheet Waits (drums), Chris Potter will take us very high… Meeting.

This last disc is haunted by the pandemic…

Yes, absolutely. Already, I recorded everything alone, far from my musician friends. I had to work, express my creativity and write, playing these songs on my own was my response to these strange experiences we were having, all over the world.

Doing music seem like the only way to maintain a form of sanity?

Yes, and I also said to myself: “But what’s the point? I thought about what was falling on us, I was downcast, but I forced myself to play, it was stronger than me. And I remembered that I had felt the same ten days after September 2001. I had to perform somewhere, I was going backwards, and when I got on stage I realized that the audience and I not only wanted to be there, but more than that, we needed it. Because we are a community. We had to be together, to feel this energy between us that music allows.

You released 15 albums and it is impossible to list your collaborations with the greatest musicians on the whole planet. What makes you move forward?

Always this desire to meet people, live experiences, rub his music and his creativity to that of others, always looking for ways to express his feelings, different means, original angles, inventing new improvisations. How bored when playing with Pat Methany, Wayne Shorter, Dave Halland, Red Rodney? It’s an extraordinary thing: the same band will play the same song ten times in the same room and they will be ten different versions…

Why is jazz still so relevant in 2021?

Because ‘it is more than music: a way of playing music. It is a language that you can speak and understand if you like rock, funk, Latin music, electro. A well-lifted piece of jazz will resonate in Madrid as in Oslo, it will send similar vibrations and waves of happiness.

It is constantly evolving: do you keep abreast of new jazz artists?

Not on a regular basis, but you know, if New York is a huge city, its community of jazz players is a very small village and we all know each other . Not a day without a friend telling me, “You should listen to So-and-so…”

What will you play with the faithful Craig and Nasheet?

You know, they are indeed faithful companions and I have played with them very often, but never the three of us are not produced together, it will be a first! And what will we play? No idea ! We’ll do it jazz style!

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