Channel: three migrants disappeared after attempting a crossing

the essential Three migrants tried to cross the Channel in kayaks to reach England. The searches carried out this Thursday 11 November not having made it possible to locate them, they were reported missing on Friday.

This Friday, three migrants were reported missing after attempting to cross the Channel on kayaks to England, the searches carried out on Thursday failing to locate them, in a context of a new record of these crossings, announced the maritime prefecture.

The search was interrupted Thursday at nightfall and it is not expected that they will resume Friday, said in the morning the maritime prefecture of the Channel and the North Sea. The operational surveillance and rescue center “was informed in the early morning (Thursday) that two kayaks had been found adrift, off Calais, by the national gendarmerie”, the prefecture explained Thursday evening in a statement.

“Two castaways could be recovered by the star Eulimène of the national gendarmerie and deposited in Calais. Unfortunately the castaways indicated that three people were missing,” the statement continued. An intervention, assistance and rescue tug, a French Navy helicopter and a dinghy had been engaged, but “despite the resources deployed, the three people could not be found”.

Six dead in 2020

During the night from Wednesday to Thursday, many rescue operations took place to migrant boats in difficulty, as in the previous days. Fifty-two people, including two children, were brought ashore on the French side. The British Home Office said a thousand migrants crossed the Channel on Thursday, which is a new record.

These three new disappearances bring to three dead and four missing the results of the attempts to cross 2021 this arm of the sea made very dangerous by the density of traffic and strong currents. In 2020, six people were killed there and three were missing. Last week, the body of a migrant was found in a 3.5-meter boat filled with water on a beach in Wissant (Pas-de-Calais), alongside two people in a state of severe hypothermia.

The day before, a migrant had been killed, another missing and nearly 800 people were rescued at sea following the sinking of several boats. Between January and the end of September, 29 360 migrants (possibly counted several times) tried to join the England by sea and 15 553 have passed, according to the prefect of Pas-de-Calais.

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