Catastrophe is astounding!

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A resolutely joyful “Catastrophe” will befall the Metronum in Toulouse this evening on Wednesday. On the program of the group bearing this shattering name: very old songs 70, between pop, funk and samba, which do a lot of good. “We chose to call ourselves Catastrophe very early on, explains Arthur Navellou, one of the members of the sextet. Because a catastrophe is not necessarily synonymous with overwhelm. We see rather an upheaval which can reveal new things. . A catastrophe is a movement, a beginning. “

Practicing an offbeat humor that owes a lot to Monty Python, the group places itself musically under the leadership of the Michel trilogy: Legrand, Berger and Fugain. “From the first, I like all the songs of Demoiselles de Rochefort , specifies Arthur Navellou, of the second Starmania and White Paradise , the third Attention ladies and gentlemen and all his memorable gimmicks “. So many references shared by his associates Blandine Rinkel, Carol Teillard d´Evry, Pierre Jouan, Pablo Brunaud and Bastien Bonnefont (the latter from Baziège, Haute-Garonne). Inspirations to which Arthur adds, in bulk: “Arcade Fire, Tame Impala, Jungle and also poignant films on which we discuss before writing. Because the whole point of Catastrophe is to speak lightly about serious things and seriously about light things” .

All in impeccable shows crossed by flashes of madness and magic. What Arthur Navellou sums up in concluding: “If you want to tell a beautiful and funny story, you have to have worked a lot; be completely square. And this is how relaxation and second degree, listening and sensitivity can be born.”

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