Castres. Season opening with festive music from La Ceiba

At last ! A new season will begin at Bolegason, “and with it prospects for resuming a life in harmony with our aspirations, our passions, our hobbies and all those moments of well-being that the encounter with art gives us. … We all hope so very much and suggest you escape with us! “. The message is clear. And to get off to a good start, head to Latin America: Lo Bolegason is organizing its traditional back-to-school concert, this Friday 24 September from 19 hours, with the musicians of La Ceiba and their musical universe focused on Colombian and Afro-Colombian music, from cumbia to the currulao of the Pacific coast, through African roots of the Atlantic coast that are the mapale and the bullerengue. “We chose this group because it’s festive, accessible to all. There is a mix of swaying rhythms, it’s full of exoticism! It’s a group that fits perfectly with the desire to meet in joy and good humor, “said Olivier Nicaise, site manager, very enthusiastic about the idea of ​​starting a new season” in better conditions “. “Well, unfortunately we have the obligation to control the health passes at the entrance, and we are not cheerful by this provision, and we are limited to a gauge of 75%, but it’s that or nothing and we prefer that than nothing “, explained Olivier Nicaise, who is already planning on the concerts to come. “After the opening of the season on Friday, we continue with Hervé. He was to participate in the Primeurs last year, but unfortunately that did not happen. So we are very happy to find him, in addition, he won in notoriety, we talk a lot about him and I think that on the stage of Boleg ‘, he will send heavy! “, rejoiced the director. And then, it will be the turn of Laetitia Shériff, who will make her big comeback on the French pop rock scene. “It’s a free concert for subscribers because we really want to encourage the discovery of this artist who is simply incredible,” added Olivier Nicaise.

For the rest of the program, all dates are visible on the Bolegason website with a brand new ticket office, without rental fees. “There is only now! After, we hope that people will return to the concert path. We know that the Covid has really made an impression and that the idea of ​​returning to a room with several hundred It can be scary, but we are here and we will be there until good habits return “, concluded Olivier Nicaise.

Flo delavega: canceled concert

The consequences of the health situation and its current constraints unfortunately not allowing to set up the show imagined by Flo Delavega, his teams decided to cancel the artist’s autumn tour, and consequently the concert planned at Bolegason on 26 November 2021.

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