Castres. After The Voice Kids, he released his first album

the essential Alexandre Bertet, pianist prodigy, was revealed in the program The Voice Kids. He had also participated in the back-to-school concert in 2019. Today he is releasing his first album.

At 15 years old, Alexandre Bertet is one of the youngest composers in France. Revealed in the 5th season of The Voice Kids in 2018, he opened for artists such as Patrick Fiori, Daniel Lévi and the Kids United. And remember, in 2019, this prodigy pianist who had started playing the piano and singing at the age of 5, had provided the first part of the back-to-school concert, place Drouot . A memorable concert for the young man, but above all rich in emotions since he had sung “in the country of his grandparents”, originally from Castres.

Today, if he returns from time to Castres soil to see his relatives, Alexandre Bertet lives in Marseille. Under contract with Columbia, the Sony Music Entertainment label, he has just released his first EP “Dans ma tête”, composed of 4 tracks anchored in the zeitgeist and which should soon be followed by a full album with about twenty songs. “Normally, we had to release the record at the beginning of the year 2020, and provide around forty concerts for the promotion, but with the Covid everything was delayed …”, confided the singer, who nevertheless remains positive. “I have a very dynamic team around me, everything is going really well so I know that the best is yet to come”, added Alexandre Bertet, who in this new album, has decided to share his love for human relations and to write on committed subjects such as war or the madness of men: “In my head, there are all the questions we ask ourselves about the fate of the planet, ecology, our place in the world. universe and then also full of love stories. That’s what’s important at my age. Everything revolves around that. It’s a little “Make love not war”, because the war against nature, we are sure to lose it. Imagining a future full of humanity, that’s what’s in my head. That’s what we can hope for. That’s what we must do . I put myself at the piano and I try to express that “, explained Alexandre Bertet, about his album. His first single “Elle dit”, composed on the piano and arranged by Yann Marchadour, is also taken from this new album. This title which speaks of love is illustrated by a very beautiful clip shot in the creeks of Marseille.

Classically trained, steeped in Anglo-Saxon pop rock culture, Alexandre humbly aspires to follow in the footsteps of his models: Christophe and Pascal Obispo. In any case, the young man is working on it…!

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