Castelnaudary famous Déodat de Séverac

the essential Saturday, November 6, the grain market welcomes “Piano à Castelnaudary”, which will pay tribute to Déodat de Séverac.

“It’s a somewhat special 8th edition,” explains Michèle Roques and Francine Thenault, members of the board of the “Piano à Castelnaudary” association. “This day is part of the piano festival which normally takes place in July every year”. With a year lag due to the Covid, this 8th edition will celebrate the centenary of the death of the famous composer Déodat de Séverac. “Native of Saint-Félix-de-Lauragais and married to a Chaurienne, Déodat de Séverac is a cantor of Occitanie”.

From Saint-Félix to Mireval

This tribute will begin at 18 with a conference by Jean-Jacques Cubaynes, president of the Déodat de Séverac festival which is held each year in Saint-Félix-Lauragais. An “evocation” will then be presented by Arnaud Ramière de Fortanier: “Arnaud is a Lauragais living in a family castle in Mireval in which famous pianists such as Déodat de Séverac, Claude Debussy or Marguerite Long met. Arnaud found authentic photographs. of this group of artists as well as personal anecdotes because all the photos had mentions “, says Michèle Roques, secretary of the association. These two interventions will be punctuated by interpretations on the piano and melodies by Déodat de Séverac played and sung by the students and teachers of the intercommunal music school of Castelnaudary Lauragais Audois.

A piano recital will be performed by pianist François-Michel Rignol at 20 h 30. “François-Michel is a professor at the Perpignan conservatory and a specialist in Déodat de Séverac”. He recorded his complete piano work on three discs at Solstice editions, which turns out to be the first complete in 45 years. “This recital will be accompanied by the screening of works by Paul Sibra, another famous artist from Lauragais, born in Castelnaudary. Thanks to the help and support of the painter’s daughter, Martine Trinquelle, and the curator of the Lavaur museum, Paul Ruffié, we will screen with high definition material his works which relate to the Lauragais and which have a relationship with the works played on the piano “.

“For example, Déodat de Séverac composed ‘Le chant de la terre’, a suite of piano works which describes the work and life in the countryside, the harvests, the sowing, around cereals in the Lauragais. ‘to illustrate, we will distribute paintings by Paul Sibra, who also painted the Lauragais countryside. The music is very evocative, “smiles Francine Thenault.

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